Enabling Data-Driven


Understanding the power of data is at the core of what we do. Our analytical solutions augment the market and product expertise of our clients to enable organisations to transform how they do business.

About Trabeya

Trabeya is an advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence company which services a global client base operating across a diverse set of industries. Trabeya combines the internal market and product expertise of our clients with cutting-edge analytical solutions. With our open and innovative culture, Trabeya is focused on delivering world-class solutions by combining people, processes, and technologies to help businesses extend human intelligence with transformative data-driven analytics for optimised decision-making.


Through end-to-end gathering of user stories, we ensure that your vision translates to reality


Being tethered to the data allows us to not only analyze current processes, but discover new opportunities as well


Having painstakingly mapped out the problem, a myriad of solution strategies are tested in rapid-prototyping


Through the interplay of experimentations, we seamlessly and effectively translate what works in the lab to production reality

Computer Vision in Behaviour Tracking

Deep learning has proved to be a runaway success in the area of computer vision. Pioneering work by Yann LeCun and others on convolutional neural network architectures, spurred by benchmark challenges such as ImageNet, have been pivotal in pushing the state-of-the-art towards human level or better performance in key tasks such as object detection and classification.

Optimising Efficiency through Natural Language Understanding

Through advances in natural language processing and the ubiquity of messaging platforms, chatbots have become viable as a way for businesses to effectively scale responses to customer queries and engagements. At Trabeya, we believe that simulating human conversation has powerful potential beyond automating routine aspects of customer service.

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