Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Tailor-Made AI to Meet Your Needs​

According to Gartner Research, “Through 2022, only 15% of use cases leveraging AI techniques (such as ML) and involving edge and IoT environments will be successful.”

Tailor-Made AI to Meet Your Needs​

Trabeya enables organizations across multiple industries to unlock the power of AI and machine learning and drive business success. It helps you to enhance your data security, and provide your teams a faster, smarter, and more effective way of translating data for easier decision making, thereby increasing the success rate of your use cases.

Our AI and ML solutions can add value to your organization by combining large amounts of data quickly and automating analytical insights to solve complex challenges more efficiently. Moreover, you can automate your operations, without added expertise and the need for expensive technology to do this.

Success Stories

A retail company leveraged our technology to establish a structured and accurate process for dynamic pricing. The company required an insights-driven system that combined internal and external data to automatically analyze these and implement discounts in a more structured way. Post-implementation, the company has an efficient, streamlined data gathering and analyzing process that provides ready insights into demand patterns and sales of products, particularly those of the low-performing segments. This information is then used alongside external datasets to determine the optimum discounts, adding more than 12% to its bottom line.

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