Business Intelligence & Analytics

Strategic and Tactical Business Decision Support

IDC says “Upon implementation, business analytics results in an average ROI increase over 5 years, with an average payback of 1.6 years for every $4.5 million spent.”

Strategic and Tactical Business Decision Support

Trabeya’s Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions can convert your business from a retrospective, reactionary approach to a proactive and sophisticated one, powered by actionable insights uncovered from your data. 

At a cost significantly less than $4.5 million, our solutions will quickly transform your data gathered via multiple sources like ERPs, CRMs, custom spreadsheets, GIS data, marketing data, and advertising analytics, among others. These insights are presented via live dashboards for easy retrieval, analysis, and reporting, ensuring an ROI within weeks.

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Success Stories

A financial services company, which had already developed a new cloud data warehouse, was looking for ways to translate this data into insights quickly to support strategic and tactical decision making as well as provide a seamless user experience to their customer. The requirement was multiple dashboards and reports that provided timely and accurate visibility into key metrics defined by them. Post implementation, the team was able to was able to handle ad hoc requests and incorporate these to planned dashboards easily and deliver in multiple areas, such as onboarding/deboarding trends, comparative sales personnel performance, product-centric views across the portfolio, client relationship management and KPI tracking, cash flow, and fund movement.

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