15 % Reduced Reporting Time and Improved Headcount Through Business Insights

15 % Reduced Reporting Time and Improved Headcount Through Business Insights


This financial services organization had developed a new cloud data warehouse and was exploring ways to translate that data into insights quickly for two reasons; to offer their customers a seamless experience as well as for meaningful insights that will aid business decisions.



A segregating of data transformations was required between the warehouse layer, the data model layer in the enterprise business intelligence tool the client was using, and its reporting and visualization layer. Once this was done, the next step was to create both common and specialized data models that encapsulated business semantics for different levels of users and teams, while optimizing for performance.



A team of Trabeya Business Intelligence Consultants collaborated with the organization’s Insights team to engage multiple business stakeholders with mapping of their needs and prioritize both new developments and rebuilding widely used reports from an older BI tool. By working as an agile team and relying on its expertise, the organization was able to rapidly deliver on reporting requirements with the ability to change course as its needs evolved.



Multiple live dashboards and reports were built that allowed the business to become data-driven and have common visibility into key metrics in an unprecedented way. The team was able to handle ad hoc requests and incorporate these to planned dashboards easily and deliver in multiple areas, such as onboarding/deboarding trends, comparative sales personnel performance, product-centric views across the portfolio, client relationship management and KPI tracking, cash flow, and fund movement. Users were further empowered to not only consume pre-built insights in near real-time, but also to self-serve reporting on top of these data models, unlocking data-driven behavior in the business, thereby reducing reporting time and headcount by 15%.

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