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Driven by a culture of excellence, our team strives for perfection every step of the way, while fostering an open, collaborative, and innovative work environment, to deliver world class products and solutions.


Vyomesh Joshi


Being passionate about technology and exploring solutions that transform businesses for over 40 years. He was most recently the President and CEO of 3D Systems, where he transformed 3D Systems into a Digital Manufacturing Solutions company. Prior to that, he was the Executive VP – Imaging & Printing Group, Hewlett Packard (1980 – 2012), where he delivered breakthroughs driving one-fifth of global revenue and one-third of global profits for HP. He has also served on the boards of  Harris Corporation (2013 – 2019), Yahoo! Inc (2005 – 2012), Wipro (2012 – 2016).

Marek Ciolko

Marek is currently CEO of Gravie, which he also co-founded. He is a co-founder and previously Head of Operations at Bloom Health, and prior to that Director of Operations at RedBrick Health. In over 20 years in operational and technology leadership, Marek has pioneered innovations in healthcare. He has over 10 years of experience advising Fortune 500 companies at Deloitte, leading enterprise technology transformation initiatives.

Dr Alexander Condoleon


Alexander is currently Head of Strategic Planning and Applied AI, Sanofi Medical and part of Sanofi’s Digital Leadership Team. He was previously Medical Director, Australia and China for Sanofi and prior to this Global Head of Medical Affairs, for Sanofi Consumer Healthcare in Paris and Boston. He has over 15 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical sector, with a focus on leveraging big data, advanced analytics and digital health solutions, including in the development of new experimental business models.

Henry Wu


Henry is currently President, Liverton Hotels International, Inc, Toronto, a board member at Preferred Hotel Group and was part of the governing board, executive committee as well as a Senate member of York University, Toronto. He has been in the hospitality sector since 1993, and is now focused on novel hospitality software on the cloud. Previously Henry was a management consultant, as well as a computer science researcher and teacher at MIT’s AI Laboratory (now CSAIL).


Some of the key leads of our organization are also industry leaders for their areas; therefore, they understand the data-related business problems you’re trying to solve in your domain and can support you through your analytics and AI journey. The best way to learn about us is to talk to us.


Devmin Jayawardena

Head of Business Intelligence Division

Devmin has extensive experience across a multitude of sectors including financial services, apparel manufacturing, and agriculture. His expertise is further honed by a background in ERP and HCM implementation in the apparel industry. At Trabeya, Devmin manages business intelligence solutions, with expertise in the areas of financial services and supply chain optimization.

KElvin - edit fin

Dr. Kelvin Chan

VP of Business Development

Apart from leading Trabeya’s business development efforts, Kelvin also oversees implementations with customers in the healthcare industry. This is supported by his expertise in a broad range of healthcare-related initiatives, including digital therapeutics and AI applications. He is a trained drug discovery scientist with a PhD in Organic Chemistry.


Minoli Ranaweera

Head of Operations & Project Management

Minoli oversees the project management and operations functions across Trabeya. Supported by her experience in the retail and manufacturing industries, she also leads implementations on Trabeya’s Springboard platform for customers in this space. Previously, she worked with leading financial institutions and news media in Sri Lanka and as a system consultant in the gaming industry in Melbourne, Australia.


Sanjay Popat

Chief Executive Officer

Sanjay is responsible for all of the company’s global operations, driving Trabeya’s strategy across technical, sales, and support functions. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the various industries, including financial services, real estate and life sciences and supports customer implementations within these spaces, in addition to his overall responsibilities of leading the business.


Terry Farrell

Sales Ambassador

Terry leads our sales efforts in the food, beverage and agriculture space, covering ASIA-PAC region, based out of Brisbane, Australia. He has more than 35 years of experience across different business in this space. Terry’s most recent role was as Global Brand Ambassador for the Australian Agricultural Company (AACo). A natural bon viveur, Terry loves meeting people and fostering new customer relationships.


Yasiru Ratnayake

VP of Technology

Yasiru is responsible for providing strategic direction to overall technology and product development at Trabeya, and also spearheads customer implementations in the agriculture and manufacturing industries. In previous roles, he has developed solutions across multiple domains, including agriculture supply chain, insurance and retail. He is a veteran Data Scientist with Trabeya.

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