Automated Insights Across Text Data
Text analytics with AI at your fingertips


Automated Insights from text data
Access Information Across Text Data

Sia unlocks unstructured text data in your organization spanning reports, memos, presentations, contracts, emails and other documents in the public domain.

This helps you to access this information via conversational AI where questions can be asked and responses received in human language. Responses can also be based on a predefined knowledge base, easily extending to multiple use cases.


your journey onboarding sia

Sia’s natural language engine is already equipped with a language model for English, where a user can ask questions based on a document or set of documents. Answers are then returned in supporting context for easy validation. Moreover, in an unsupervised scenario leveraging a knowledge base, user queries are parsed with the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) module to understand user intent, and a corresponding predefined action is then triggered.

Value Propositions


Allows text documents to be parsed and prepared automatically for user queries on them

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Enables the creation of specialized bots where user-defined knowledge bases of intent and action pairs are available

Human interactions and active learning

Provides a relay system for human interaction when required, and active learning for collecting training data from users

Web service

Provides instant query results by progressively recognizing and filing parameters for web services

success stories

A retailer was able to streamline its data ecosystem with a consolidated view across multiple products for the entire company, making retrieval of information faster and more efficient. Previously, the company had multiple siloed operational systems with no consolidated view point and no sustainable reporting mechanism. With its multiple documents used in their day-to-day work, extracting information was time consuming and challenging given the varied formats.

With Sia, we were able to go beyond search engine functionality with natural language understanding to contextualize and understand the semantics of the company’s queries and respond to those quickly, enabling availability of information at their fingertips. This resulted in an approximately 20% increase in efficiency in report development and a 0% lag in receiving business insights, on-demand. With time and resources saved in sifting through large amounts of unstructured data, the company was also able to realize a 15% reduction in direct costs.


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