Jumpstart your AI journey
Bridge Data to Save Time and Money


Jumpstart your AI journey
Bridge Data to Save Time and Money

Springboard quickly unifies your internal data spread across multiple siloed systems, aligns with external data sources, provides real-time insights, and delivers your business with AI-infused insights, all on a unified cloud-based subscription platform.

Within a matter of weeks, your organization can leverage real-time trends, discover new business opportunities, and derive actionable insights via data analytics and purpose-built AI tools at a significantly lower cost.

Your Journey Onboarding Springboard ​

Springboard operates on top of your existing data sources and external data sources as a semantic layer. With in-built AI apps, businesses can leverage automated machine learning to generate insights to enhance performance and drive collaboration.

  • Collaborate on Analytics Without Specialist Knowledge
  • Curate Datasets for Data Science
  • Build Insightful Visualizations Without Dedicated Data Mart

Value Propositions

Saves time and

Provides 3-5x lower total ownership cost, quick implementation with a transparent subscription model, and zero resource management

Unmatched performance

 Fastest in class without external acceleration, prevailing over cloud data warehouse engines and includes natural language queries for self-service analytics


Scales easily with pre-built dashboards and AI apps, and a semantic layer connecting multiple data repositories

Easy to manage

Ensures data governance through lineage tracking and accommodates unstructured data

Springboard Is in Sync With the Tools You Love!

Designed to seamlessly integrate with multiple software vendors, open source databases and workflow systems, enabling hassle-free transition to Springboard.

Success stories

A retail company leveraged Trabeya’s Springboard platform to establish a structured and accurate process for dynamic pricing, adding more than 12% to its bottom line. Springboard made it possible to delve into data and share findings for this retail client without having to learn a new technical skill or completely moving away from their tried and tested workflows. When applying analytics and AI across a large retailer, Springboard helped to preserve the prevailing customer experience while collecting and providing valuable insights to the executive team. We were also able to identify and channel new data that could be incorporated into visual dashboards for meaningful insights.

With zero change to the current systems, there was no requirement for training, familiarization, test runs, and full implementation that could typically take up to 6-8 months. As a result, we were also able to avoid long and expensive implementations and add value within 6-8 weeks.

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